QuasarDB - a creation of QuasarDB SAS - is a high-performance, column-oriented, distributed database with native time series support.

A wealth of languages are officially supported with open source APIs available on GitHub.

The structure of the documentation is as follows:

  • If you are new to quasardb the Primer is a great start;

  • For end-to-end guides for specific tasks (for example IoT data capture or OHLC bars building), read Howtos;

  • Looking for instructions on how to install the server, or need help operating your cluster? Look for Server Administration;

  • To learn how to write code that interacts with QuasarDB, please take a look at our User Guide;

  • The concepts and building blocks that QuasarDB depends upon are described in Internals;

  • For help writing queries, look at our Query language.

Need help? See Support.

Table of Contents#